Could your company use more sales? Additional sales are hiding right in front of your eyes on LinkedIn!


If your sales team is not leveraging LinkedIn, then you are leaving HUGE amounts of potential sales on the table…

Piles of MoneyAre you leaving HUGE amounts of potential sales on the table by missing the boat of the new media revolution (here's a hint … social media is not going away).

You could be missing thousands or millions of dollars in sales by not embracing how people communicate today (or by hiding under a rock and picking up the phone doing traditional cold calls).

I get it. Having worked for Fortune 100 companies (AT&T and Arthur Andersen), I understand that investing in training is important. If fact, it's more important than ever to keep your team in tune with the rapid pace of change in communications technology.

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The Pace Of Change Is Accelerating…
So Is The Pace Of Communications

Your time is valuable. How can you manage and monitor what people are doing on social media? Some companies even block access (big mistake).

I have found that very few people understand and use LinkedIn properly for prospecting and lead generation. Some people on your team rarely even log-in and miss golden sales opportunities.

In today's economy, it is very important to keep people up to date on the latest technology. Computers, phones and operating systems are just part of the problem.

Understanding where people communicate is a moving target, but I can assure you that LinkedIn is where your customers and prime prospects are. Don't believe me? Just log into LinkedIn and start searching your customers by name.

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You Don't Know …
What You Don't Know (same goes for your people)

Pulling it all together takes a plan and cooperation and sometimes outsourcing.

Your team needs content that draws prospects in (and not repels them). People do not log into LinkedIn (or any social media) just to be sold. They do so to be entertained or informed.

Creating a cohesive LinkedIn content marketing strategy will generate stronger sales opportunities than cold calling, networking, hope and praying combined!

Plan – Develop a system to find and communicate with prospects (not just sell them)

Strategy – Posting content that leads people back to your CRM system

Measurement – Creating a system to measure engagement and leads from LinkedIn

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04Did You Know That …

  • 65% of people are missing opportunities to promote contact information on their profiles?
  • 75% have no idea what a keyword strategy is on LinkedIn which can help you and your products or services get found better in Google or LinkedIn searches?
  • 85% miss the ability to post their website, sales brochures, videos, PowerPoints, and other sales materials that will help increase sales and profits as well as create and retain happy sales people who earn more through bonuses and commissions?

The median age of prospects is getting younger and younger.  They use text and social media to communicate with not only friends, but vendors too, and are often searching Google for answers. Do your sales people show up in Google as possible solutions?

Are you receiving fewer returned voice messages? Are fewer people responding to emails? That is because they are on their cell phones and responding to text and apps, and don't use technology the way we did in 2010.

Your sales team has to learn how to use the technology provided, but more importantly, you have to find out how your customers and prospects are using technology to communicate … and then be where THEY are!

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